About Mark Knot

I am an artist who works in all
media. Most of my work is in pen
& ink, but I also print and paint. I
live in the San Francisco Bay area.
My favorite subject is naked men.

I have spent many years studying
the nude male figure and hope you
find the same pleasure in viewing
my drawings and paintings as I
find in creating them.

My influences range from Tom of
Finland and George Grosz to
Alberto Giacometti and August
Rodin. And of course my hero,
Leonardo Da Vinci, who
complained that he had ‘offended
God and Man by not doing his
best work’. My goals are
challenged by his words...

Feel free to DM on twitter with
questions about my work.

Support my art-making buying
through my
AMAZON shop!
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All words and Images * Mark Knot Copyright since 2006