Post Card Show 2005
Post Card Show 2005
The Lavatory Series

This is a group of prints based on what is possibly the most important room in a modern house.

The Black and White images are Linoleum Block Prints, printed in Oil based ink on White
Printmaking paper.  

The Images with color are printed in the same way on top of recycled Serigraphs (Silk-Screen Prints).
The Serigraph images recycled for this project were produced on a Serigraphy press I hand built
while in college. The Images never felt finished so I saved them, expecting to do something with them
later on.

There are
5 linoleum block and 29 image variations with most images having an edition of 5 to 15
prints each. A total of 284 prints were made of the various images, in two printing sessions over a two
day period - about 6 hours of printing.

                      All Images are 5.5 x 4.5 inches.
Hand-colored Print>>>
This Image is 6 x 6 inches.