Art Archive

I am an Artist, Writer, Art Teacher (middle
and high school since 2002) and new
farmer (since 2015).
I create drawings and linoleum prints about
things that I find Interesting. My art is based
on what I see around the farm and places in
modern cities where nature collides with
industrial objects.A gallery director once
told me my work was too "disparate." I think
that is a good thing. I want to make art
about everything! And I am not working on
just one thing. I always have several prints
or drawings, illustrated stories and farm
projects in the works. I document them on
my website and
You can help support my work by becoming
patron. I will post art here first and post
how to and (eventually) behind the scenes
videos. I am open to suggestions of what
you might like to see.
Kathe Welch + Copyright since 1994