Box Art Benefit Auction 2009
at Pro Arts in Oakland, CA
Art Shows

B o x  A r t
B e n e f i t  A u c t i o n
Opening Night and Auction:
November 7th, 2009

Preview: November 3rd - 7th,

Copyright Four Oceans Press 2009
Pro Arts Box Art Benefit Auction 2009 - Heather, Kathe & Mark
Box Art 2009 features original works made from recycled materials
distributed by Pro Arts in partnership with the Reuse People. This annual
fundraiser is an opportunity to create fun new work in community with
other artists working with the same materials.

Sponsorships are available in advance of the event for $50. Sponsor an
artist and receive reserved privileges at the event. For more details, call
510.763.4361 or send us an email at

Participating Artists: Robert Abrams, Peter Andrea, Tim Armstrong,
Jenny E. Balisle, Jessie Balmen, Micaela Carr, Reenie Charriere, Tim
Clare, Maggie Cockrell, Peggy Cotton, Shelly Cournoyer, Diane
Dunwoodie, Jamie Erfurdt, Bernadette Jiyong Frank, Terry Furry, Nicole
Galetta, Aaron Geman, Lisa Glicksman, Adam Heffler, Janet Hiebert,
Eileen Hughes, Harley Jensen, Kristen Jensen, Rise Justmen, Rok Kandi,
Betty Kano, Kimberly Keyworth, Mark Knot, Sharon Krause, Jon Kwak,
Amy Kweskin, William LaRue, Susan Leffingwell, Kate Leffler, Lauren
Lester, Stephen Linden, Pablo Manga, Carolyn Manning, Barbara
Maricle, K'Ren Martin, Liz Maxwell, Katie McCann, Zoilita McKeon, Art
Medlar, Stephanie Metz, Julie Mevi-Shiflett, Jan Mignaud, Sylvia Min,
Maj-Britt Mobrand, Barry Monigle, Carol Morse, Joan Osato, Charley
Paff, Jean Pfann, Heather Piazza, Anthony Pinata, Lori Pino, Darwin
Price, Sam R. Sheppard, Nora Raggio, Courtenay Redis, Fernando Reyes,
Barbara Rogers, Vicky Schlepp, Malik Seneferu, Mary Shisler, Kate
Short, Maryly Snow, Byron Spicer, Michael Sydnor, John Thornborrow,
Marlene Tobias, Meghan Urback, John Vias, Cleo Vilett, Leah Virsik,
Holly Wach, Vivian Waterloo, Kathe Welch, Tamara White, Elizabeth
Wilcox, Yvonne Williams, Gary Wilson, and Susan Wolf.