5th Annual Roadworks Street Fair and Steamroller
Printing at the San Francisco Center for the Book
Art Shows

S t e a m r o l l e r
E v e n t
Day of Event: September 20, 2008

Gala & Auction: November 7, 2008
Above: Linoleum from the Hungry
Tree Series by Kathe Welch.
Below: Idea for original drawing
Fair and Steamroller Printing
Sat. Sep 20, 2008
12 noon to 5 pm
on De Haro Street between
16th and 17th streets

Gala and Auction
Fri. Nov 7, 7pm-10pm
This is a ticketed event.
Information will be available
after August 1.
Above: Linoleum for the Four
Oceans Press entry for Roadworks
- a collaboration by Kathe, Heather
& Mark..

Below: Idea for original drawing
A video about the Roadworks event made for the San Francisco
Bay Guardian with Carmel Wroth and Rhyan Coombs.
The video below is the Four Oceans Press
collaborative print being Steam-rolled.
Above: Melissa West's linoleum "Open Season" inked and ready to print.
Below: Melissa labeling the back of her lino, a volunteer carrying the inked
print off to be steam-rolled, laying the paper in place and pulling the print.
Above: Our Four Oceans Press print being pulled. It was a collaboration by Kathe
Welch, Heather Piazza & Mark Knot. The print on the left is by Patricia Wakida.
Below and Right: A sequence of our print being inked, laid down, steam-rolled
and sold.
Above: The Steamroller backing over nine prints at a time.
Below: Kathe's print being inked and prepared with eight other 12" x 12" Linoleums
to go under the steamroller and then being carried off to the drying table.
San Quentin State Prison printmaking students of Katya McCulloch and Art Hazelwood.
the William James Association, Prison Arts Project. Click to read more.
Above: Heather taking a close up shot
of the prints laid out on the ground.

Below: The steamroller getting ready to
drive forward over a large print.

Bottom: 'Freedom' freshly pulled with
the linoleum laying on the ground.
Below: Rik Olsen's print "Journey to the Center of...Opps...Oh Hell"
Photo by Graham Bird
Above: Heather Piazza cutting the
Linoleum for the Four Oceans Press
entry for Roadworks.
This video features
Emory Douglas
discussing how Art
can work to make
social change.

He says, "it can be
reflective of society,
it can give you
insight, it can be
informative, it can
be inspiring and a
tool for a guide to

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