Come Right in, Sit Right Down
at the The Frank Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda
Art Shows

C o m e  R i g h t  i n ,
S i t  R i g h t  D o w n
Opening Night: March 7th,  2008

Show: March 7th - 29th, 2008
Opening night at the Come Right in, Sit Right Down at the The Frank Bette Center
for the Arts in Alameda, January 4th, 2008.

Above: Three prints by Kathe Welch at the top and two photos by Graham Bird at the bottom.

Above: Floral Still life, an Oil on
Canvas by Carol Sideman.

Above Left: Great live music by Boundless Gratitude.
Above Right:  Graham Bird's photo "Room for two" on a floor easel in the corner of the main gallery.

Above: "Apple on Stool" triptych
with Cut Paper and Acrylic on
Canvas by Heather Piazza.

Below Left: Collection of Acrylic
paintings of cats by Leslie Cobb.

Above: "Or Best Offer", photo by Graham Bird.
Come Right in, Sit Right Down show
mostly featured 'chairs'. From sculptures
and photographs to paintings and collage
all of the possible place to relax were

Kathe Welch's chair imagery ranged from
the necessity of the toilet to a cozy lounge
chair in front of a fire. Her relief prints
hung side by side with her lithograph, 'Tin
Can Alley" hanging a few feet away.

Heather Piazza's "Apple on Stool" is an
inviting triptych created with Cut Paper on
top of Acrylic paint. "Enchanted Chair" is a
magical image that reminds one of fairy

Graham Bird's photographs filled the
gallery with more places to sit! Grahams
four images capture the sense of comfort
one feels as they walk into a familiar living

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